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Seiha Karate in South Brisbane

Seiha Karate has been located in the West End and South Brisbane precinct for over 20 years. We are a not-for-profit club dedicated to achieving excellence in our martial art. At Seiha Karate we combine our Japanese traditions with modern advances in martial arts incorporating techniques using both hands and feet.

Our emphasis is on self defence, fitness, strength and flexibility, as well as the traditional aspects of kata (forms) and kumite (fighting). We are fully committed to your journey from beginner to black belt.

Seiha Karate has a strong history of success at the highest levels of sport karate. Our instructors are former Australian champions and have won medals at the World Championship level. If you become interested in competitions we are affiliated with the Queensland, Australian and World Karate Federations which are sponsored by the Australian Sports Commission.

Our instructors are fully accredited bronze level coaches. Furthermore, they hold positions as National and Queensland teams coaches and accredited Australian referees.

Latest News

National Training & Selection Camp - May 2017

National Training & Selection Camp
Five of our Seiha Club athletes were recently selected to attend the final national training & selection camp in Melbourne.

B-Inspired Training Camp - January 2017

Matsuhsia Kou 'Monster' Training Camp
Sensei Robyn and some of her students attended a B-Inspired Karate-Do youth development camp at the Sydney institute of Sports.

Be taught by the Best!

Chief Instructor Sensei Robyn Choi 5th Dan Blackbelt:

  • Australian Champion and World Championship Medalist
  • Australian Karate Team Coach
  • Queensland Karate Team Coach
  • Accredited Coach with the Australian Sports Commission

Class information

Venue: Downstairs, 35 Dornoch Tce, West End
Phone: 3844 0402 / 0422 381 502